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I’m deeply grateful to Annie for sharing her expertise, introducing me to an extraordinary method of connecting with animals.
Developing effective management tools is essential when handling pets with behavior issues. T-Touch goes a step above and beyond conventional training methods by working to calm and bring focus, so beneficial in achieving new confidence, balance, and (although we aren’t able ask them to verify) an inner peace. 

Susan L.    San Francisco, CA

At this point in her life, Gracie suffers from neuropathy in her rear legs and hind quarters. Among other things, this means my dog has difficulty balancing, so everyday activities like walking, sitting, and getting up can be challenging for her to coordinate.  

This video took place on our third Saturday morning session with Anne, at our home. In this video, you’ll see occasional involuntary twitches in Gracie’s upper thigh. She’s experiencing these reflex-like responses to the cellular stimulation she is feeling lower in her leg as she receives T-Touch. Soon, you’ll see my fingers are beneath Gracie’s leg, mimicking the movements of Anne’s fingers and hands, as she demonstrates a variety of sacral cranial and T-Touch techniques to me. 

Anne is a uniquely gifted healer and communicator: In word, in thought, and in the limitless and rarefied language of touch, which she makes her own. Since working with her, I’ve seen Grace rising from a down-stay with perfect symmetry and without toppling for the first time in over a year. And during this session, you see how thoroughly she falls under Anne’s magical spell! 



Caroline McEvers

Ttouch Therapy Classes for your pets!



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Receive Private Client services of Annie Snowball, and witness the personal transformation in the 'before and after' emotional and physical well-being and positive change in your horse(s).

Annie with Nagesh.JPG

Annie with Nagesh



"We have a 7-foot-long male red tailed boa named Nagesh. He likes people and loves being touched – but I had not seen him respond so completely and beautifully as he did when Annie did ttouch with   him. Annie taught me some of the basics and I have been able to do this gentle   massage on him since then. He becomes very still – that deep silent stillness   that snakes can somehow convey to their people. I feel very connected with   him, and with his particular wisdom through Ttouch™. I am privileged to be able   to spend time this way with a very wise being."



Testimonial from the Oakland Zoo -- Regarding Annie's largest client "Tiki" the Matriarch Giraffee! A 20yr.old giraffe so receptive to craniosacral therapy. To access her effectively I climbed up a seven foot ladder!! Amy learned TTouch™ from Linda Tellington Jones, creator of TTOUCH™ and asked Patty and Annie to come in and perform craniosacral and TTouch™ fusion!!


Hi Anne,


Tiki has been doing great!  She maintained that increased energy, greater flexibility of   movement, and brightness of spirit all day Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and yesterday as well.  She is very active...much more so than I would expect   ion this chilly weather.  I noticed these positive changes as did several   other people who work in the area.  I am very excited about what you girls were able to do for her and am hopeful that this will really help her in   the future.  Thank you for what you have given her!

Amy Phelps, Chief Giraffe Trainer, Oakland Zoo, Oakland, California

Amy Phelps, Chief Giraffe Trainer, Oakland Zoo, has this to say about learning TTouch™ from Annie and Patty and practicing it on an ongoing basis with her herd. 


TTouch™ has been a useful and long standing tool used in the giraffe physical therapy and training programs at the Oakland Zoo for about 6 years.  I use TTouch™ and the Tellington Touch Equine Awareness Method in several different ways. I use the various ttouches to reduce pain and inflammation in areas of injury, edema, and lactic acid build up in the muscles.  I have also used the belly lifts to help with colic and indigestion as well as back pain from various conformation issues and the strain on the spine in lat pregnancy. 


The Tellington Touch Equine Awareness Method's body wraps and confidence course exercises are extremely useful in helping animals to increase body awareness and overall coordination, thereby reducing the instances of pain and trip like accidental


Without the foundation of a strong conditioning program and a positive reinforcement based training program we would not be able to touch the giraffe
at all.  This foundation is key to our success.  Punishment and other adversive options are never used! 


TTouch™ is a perfect complement to a positive reinforcement based training program as it is gentle,  non-invasive, relaxing to the animal, feels good to the animal, and as an added benefit, ttouch is a great way to get the animal used to being touched with a variety of different hand positions and pressures.  Frankly, it's a win-win. 


Even if you don't believe the philosophy behind TTouch™, you cannot deny that it will help condition your animals to having their body manipulated by humans and as the animals enjoy it more and more, it will reinforce a positive relationship between human/trainer and animal.


-Amy Phelps, Chief Giraffe Trainer, Oakland Zoo, Oakland, California

Karen Melcher is the owner of Matisse, a 16yr.old Dutch warmblood horse with whom Annie and Patty worked through his early rehab program from a repeatedly-injured back foot...... 


Hi Ladies – GREAT NEWS!!!!  Matisse walked out today and put his heel all the way down without any warm up and weighted it – actually weighted the heel!  Great stuff – his back is also a lot better. Just thought you would be happy to know –

Take care - Karen Melcher

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