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Annie Snowball Craniosacral Therapist (2006)


Certified TTouch™ Practitioner (1995)


Connected Riding Apprentice (2012)

“I grew up in a wooded neighborhood adjacent to a wildlife refuge in Pittsburg, PA. My father instilled in me an appreciation and respect for all living beings, lessons nurtured in the company of multiple small animal companions at home. Long hikes through these woods gave me the chance to observe the animal inhabitants in a non-threatening, natural environment. As the years passed, I was frequently the person summoned for help when imperiled wildlife needed rescue.

Shortly after moving to San Francisco in 1995 I was certified in the first group of TTOUCH™ companion animal practitioners in the world.  Several years later I pursued my studies in equine and small animal craniosacral therapy.  Both modalities perfectly suited my life-long goal of understanding and effectively teaching inter-species communication and improved balance.


I work with groomers, veterinarians and their respective technicians. I was a consultant to local rescue feline and canine rescue groups and for seven years, served as the TTOUCHTM trainer for volunteers and staff at San Francisco Animal Care and Control. I participated in a training program at the Marin Guide Dog School, conducted workshops for dogs at Fort Mason, and acted as a consultant to dog and cat show exhibitors at national dog and cat shows.


I communicate with animals in a way that makes  them more comfortable in their own bodies and to help them to utilize the ever present intelligence in each one. In the journey, one sees the beauty and purity of resolving habitual issues both physical and emotional. The approach I teach to each owner initiates the beginning of a new life for them with emphasis on a non-verbal partnership taking priority. One soon learns to let go of ego, resulting in developing harmony, creativity and intuition with the animal. My devotion and enthusiasm are continually rewarded by the animals who become the ultimate teachers.

Ttouch Therapy Classes for your pets!



Calling All Animals

669 Grand View Terrace

Suite #5

San Francisco, CA 94114






By appointment only


Receive Private Client services of Annie Snowball, and witness the personal transformation in the 'before and after' emotional and physical well-being and positive change in your horse(s).

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Anne is often sought out to assess, evaluate and observe the physical, mental, and emotional disorders in pets.

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