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at SF SPCA!!

Annie and the Wolf.jpg

NEXT TTouch Therapy CLASS AT the SF SPCA BEGINNING MONDAY JANUARY 11, 2016  and continuing FOR FIVE consecutive weeks. Register at

Christmas gifts available for one, two, or three sessions at a special rate of:

  • one for $65.00

  • two for $120.00

  • or three for 180.00


Would you like to be the star of your training class, be at your best in new situations, and be healthier than you ever have been before?

Bring your human to the new SF SPCA TTouch Class, and learn the skills to build mutual trust, confidence, self-control, and much more!

Tellington Touch (TTouch) was developed by Linda Tellington-Jones, and is comprised of gentle body work including circular touches, lifts, and slides.

This class will teach dog owners specialized touches, body wraps, and confidence-building groundwork exercises.

To learn more about what TTouch is, visit and

To sign up for classes, visit here

Ttouch Therapy Classes for your pets!



Calling All Animals

669 Grand View Terrace

Suite #5

San Francisco, CA 94114






By appointment only


Receive Private Client services of Annie Snowball, and witness the personal transformation in the 'before and after' emotional and physical well-being and positive change in your horse(s).



Annie’s SPCA TTOUCH classes at the SPCA have become all-volunteer classes.  Several of the dogs up for adoption were most difficult to place into homes. Sadly, they were returned twice. Thereafter, the SPCA randomly admitted the troubled dogs into Annie’s tTouch classes at the SPCA.


What were the results? 

The next day, they were adopted and have not returned!!!!

See these cute and informative videos showing how participants practice coordination exercises with their dogs in the Playground for Higher Learning at the SPCA!

ATTENTION ALL TTOUCHERS - DONT'T MISS THIS CHANCE to join me in the intro SPCA TTouch II class Thursday evenings at 6:15pm starting  June 25 – July 23.  You will sharpen your skills by adding to your tool box more detailed body work and coordination exercises in the Playground for Higher Learning. 
Participants may include all my SPCA TTOUCH students and anyone who participated in a TTOUCH clinic/class elsewhere.  The class is an excellent refresher and opportunity to further explore the potential of your dog.  ~Annie Snowball~

MEET CHANCE - a 12 yr. old Maltese called CHANCE in my SPCA class who since the very beginning sprung into action.  The cellular awakening from the body work and intention of his handler has allowed him to develop into a very confident participant for all the others.  Chance is also almost completely blind and totally deaf!!!  In the video we wrapped him to help him ground and be more connected, including his tail  - OMG, the video speaks for what can be as he explores and opens up his potential at every turn. At the end we removed the wrap so that he could feel a new, different self - SEE for YOURSELF - WHAT A CHANGE!!!!


Watch Video:  

A very happy, carefree spirit defying his age and physical handicaps!! 

If your dog enjoyed Intro to TTouch, or if you have some experience doing TTouch elsewhere, join us to refine and deepen your practice with our TTouch 2 class. Build a stronger connection with your dog, and learn powerful techniques for helping your dog become calm, confident, and connected to his body. You will sharpen your skills by adding to your tool box more detailed body work and coordination exercises in the Playground for Higher Learning. This class may be especially helpful for older dogs, dogs recovering from illness or surgery, and shy or reactive dogs.

To learn more about what TTouch is, visit and

Note: For dogs who may find the classroom environment overwhelming, or who are reactive to other dogs, we are also offering a limited number of auditing spaces for guardians who wish to learn TTouch techniques and apply them in the comfort of their own home.

Frequency & Duration:

1 hour per week for 4 weeks

Course includes:

Certificate of completion


$125 (If your dog was adopted from a 501(c)3 shelter or rescue group, or has taken a class with us in the past year, the fee is $100)


243 Alabama Street, Training Annex


Anne Snowball

Course prerequisites:

Completion of Intro to TTouch or TTouch experience at another facility. Dogs should be older than 5 months of age, and be comfortable being around other dogs and being gently handled by a friendly stranger. Shy dogs are welcome. 

Class capacity:

6 dogs    


Sign up Today


NEXT TTouch class at the SF SPCA


201 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA                    94103 (16th & Harrison St)


Thursdays, April 23 - May 14, 2015


6:15pm – 7:15pm


The class will be mainly for dogs but  caregivers for all animals are welcome to attend and participate and/or audit





SPCA TTOUCH class being introduced to the Playground for
Higher Learning to enhance their ability to calmly and accurately
navigate the course. Playground for Higher Learning improves a dog's ability to coordinate mentally, emotionally, and
physically to changes in their environment.
All ages and types start where pet owners can learn to heal and communicate with their pets with ttouch, developing their own unique way to allow their pets to always respond favorably to new information - San Francisco SPCA class.

Annie and the Wolf.jpg
Annie and the Wolf.jpg
Annie and the Wolf.jpg

This photo depicts testing new information provided by the slippery mat - to go quietly and slowly!!!!!! SPCA class

Annie and the Wolf.jpg

This image depicts the dog contemplating its best option to navigate across the  platform on the confident course at SPCA class

Annie and the Wolf.jpg

Meet Coty, 80 lb., 17mo. old Samoyed, who connects with ear work to help him navigate the dog walk.

Annie and the Wolf.jpg
Annie and the Wolf.jpg
Annie and the Wolf.jpg
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